Kratom Plants

  • 100% Organic
  • Natural Perscription Alternative
  • #1 Herbal Pain Killer and Stress Reducer

An Overview

Growing live Kratom plants at home can be a rather challenging but very rewarding experience. If you’re a fan of this herb, what better way to celebrate its existence than to have a plant in your home? If they get big enough, and I know people who have tree over 8ft tall, you can trim the leaves and have your own organic home grown supply from Mother Nature. While some websites may frown on attempting to grow plants at home, enfacing difficulty keeping the plants healthy and happy, as long as you know the basics of plant care and can easily grow these plants and mimic the natural environment which is simply warm and humid. Naturally found in South East Asia, you’re sure to have the best luck if your outside weather conditions include a mildly humid atmosphere with diffused sunlight, protection from the strong winds and morning frost. Kratom plants hate the frost and will lose their leaves if exposed to an overnight frost. If you live in a very dry environment it may be best to have your plants growing indoors, which is easier than it sounds. You can also invest in a good spray bottle and moist your plants to help provide a moisture barrier on the plant and leaves, much like it would have in Thailand or Indonesia. I have personally grown a handful of Kratom plant clones into healthy flourishing Kratom mother trees. This doesn’t mean that I’ve had a 100% success rate the whole time, but I’ve never killed a Kratom plant. I’ve had a few lose their leaves due to frost, but I’ve managed to bring them all back to life.

If you buy a plant online, don’t worry about shipping. These plants are very sturdy and can survive many weeks without sunlight. It’s a lack of water that will eventually make a plant suffer, but with shipping in the USA usually around 3 days maximum, your plant will arrive very healthy. In fact, they would survive almost 10 days in a box without light or water. Kratom is very robust (it is in fact from the tree family). Most likely you’ll receive a rooted cutting in a small pot. You’ll have to make a trip to your local garden center for some supplies. The sooner the better as your plant will benefit from a new pot with more room to spread its roots. Make sure to provide a slightly acidic fertile soil every few months if your plant is living in a pot for the time being. It’s also beneficial to grow your Kratom in a mixture of worm castings, Sphagnum peat moss and Pearlite. This will help make the ph levels a little more comfortable for the Kratom to thrive in.

Aesthetically; the Kratom tree is a beautiful addition to any yard or private garden. Its large leaves will grow to be the size of a grown mans hand and it’s trunk will be strong enough for a small child to climb up. Kratom trees grow to an average height of 12-18 feet, however certain trees found under optimal conditions have reached in excess of 40 feet tall. Being said, make sure that the area that you’ve selected for the plant to live will provide nominal sunlight and water, as you will have a fully-grown tree on your hands in seemingly no time. You can expect your new green Buddha friend to blossom annually, consisting of bunches of tiny yellow/white flowers that will spruce up your already amazing yard. Good luck and be sure to check out the vendors I recommend for healthy plants and fast shipping.